Healthy Homemade “Nutella” (Vegan, Refined Sugar-free)

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Just like everyone I know, I've been nuts for Nutella most of my life. I mean is there anyone who doesn't love the magical combination of chocolate and hazelnuts? I highly doubt it! But did you know that two tablespoons of Nutella has as much sugar as FIVE OREO COOKIES? That's right! Just one serving contains 21 grams or over [...]

Snickers Bars (Vegan, Sugar-free)

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Snickers bar, how I love thee!!! The soft nougat layer, the rich peanut butter caramel center, crunchy peanuts on top, and best of all the chocolate coating that holds them all together. There are so many drool-worthy combos out there, but honestly I don't think anyone beats chocolate and peanut butter. It's a match made in [...]