Coconut Pumpkin Stoup (Stew/Soup)

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My favorite season, fall, is finally upon us and with it comes lots of rain and gloomy weather. That might be one of the reasons I love fall so much--besides the obvious beauty of nature-- cause you get to transition from raw meals and salads into cozy comfort foods, yaaay! Another reason is pumpkins! Even though they're available [...]

My Epic 1-Day Cleanse That Yields Awesome Results

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If you’ve been feeling bloated, then you know more than anyone that you need to cleanse the junk from your body. It’s not always easy picking which path to take to get the results you want. But, I’ve made it super easy for you with my Epic 1-Day Cleanse. I don’t believe in deprivation, so [...]

Lazy No-Fuss Pumpkin Carrot Soup

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Pumpkin or squash soup is one of my favorite soups ever! I make it quite often this time of the year, when there's an abundance of fresh pumpkin and squash varieties everywhere. Love the subtle sweetness coming from the pumpkin and like to take it up a notch by adding carrots or sweet potatoes in there [...]

Buckwheat Mushroom Soup (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

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This buckwheat mushroom soup is a vegan and gluten-free version of the traditional Persian barley soup, in which I've replaced barley with buckwheat and used coconut milk instead of cream or milk. It's absolutely delicious and definitely a favourite in our household!Gluten is the protein in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, kamut and spelt. Today's [...]