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Happy Bites Meal Plan

Healthy, Quick, Easy & Delicious


The ultimate quick & easy meal plan for busy professionals who want to eat nourishing home-cooked meals that are mouthwateringly delicious!


  • includeWeekly meal plan calendar
  • includeOver 30 plant-powered recipes
  • includeBeautiful recipe photos
  • includeShopping list
  • includeMeal prep tips
  • includeGrocery shopping manual

This meal plan is RIGHT for you IF:

  • You have food sensitivities or want to avoid gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar & unhealthy oils
  • You are working crazy hours with no time or desire to plan out all your meals or follow elaborate recipes each night
  • You are sick of how eating out has been affecting your health and would like to fuel your body with nutritious meals
  • You like to cook your own meals but often find yourself staring at the fridge wondering “What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?”
  • You are tired of eating the same old meals over and over again and want some new, exciting, delicious & healthy recipes with a step-by-step plan to guide you through
  • You want to make sure your meals are balanced, nutrient-dense and made with the highest quality ingredients without being too complicated, bland or boring

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”Alan Lakein

Just some of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • Learning valuable time-saving tipsyou can apply to your meal prep from now on
  • Learninghow to turn boring leftovers into a whole new delicious yet simple meal
  • Peace of mind, knowing you wouldn’t have to worry about what to make for dinner, breakfast or lunch tomorrow
  • Reduced stress thanks to having a plan to stick to
  • No lost timesearching for recipes last minute
  • No last minute runs to the grocery store for that one missing ingredient!
  • Feeling healthier, more energized and productive by fueling your body with balanced, nutrient-dense meals designed by a Holistic Nutritionist
  • Having healthy, tasty and portable snacks around, so you no longer have to dread walking past that vending machine at work
  • Feeling PROUD, EMPOWERED and IN CONTROLof your health
  • No longer having to settle for drive-thru dinners, microwaveable meals or take outs
  • No longer feeling guilty and miserable for eating food that makes you feel heavy, bloated and sick
  • Being able to sleep in a bit longer in the morning, knowing exactly what yummy and quick-to-prepare breakfast you’re going to have
  • Saving money, cause guess what?! By having a plan and sticking to your grocery shopping list you’ll no longer purchase foods you don’t really need or foods that would go bad cause you forgot about them or didn’t know what to do with

Here’s what you’ll get:

eat-healthy-icon_icon   Weekly Meal Plan

  • Includes over 20 nutrient-dense recipes with vegan, gluten-free and nut-free substitutes
  • Weekly calendar clearly presenting morning starter, breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks for each day
  • Nutritious recipes made with high quality whole food ingredients that are QUICK & EASY to prepare
  • A Grocery Shopping List that helps save your time, money and sanity!
  • Top Prep Tips to get you organized and help save time throughout the week

Grocery Shopping Manual icon-basket_icon

  • A compact, to-the-point, meanwhile comprehensive guide to help you navigate the grocery store with confidence
  • Includes lists of suggested produce, animal products, pantry staples, grains, seeds, condiments, snacks and beverages
  • Guidelines on what exactly to look for and what to avoid for all the listed items
  • Includes some suggested brands and brands to avoid

bonus_icon_icon  Bonus Guide

  • Additional breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes to add even more variety and spice things up
  • Made-from-scratch recipes for items such as almond milk, hummus, etc.

What People Are Saying

“About 4 months ago I was the most overweight I had ever been and feeling pretty low. As a former competitive kickboxer, being in shape has always been important to me. Lacking the motivation to go the gym without a plan, I decided to reach out to Mitra and order her online meal plan. At first I thought it would be difficult to follow a regimented plan, but when I started looking at the delicious recipes and eating ideas she shared, it became clear to me that I could do this and have fun at the same time! Her recipes and suggestions are bang on and are not only super nutritious and healthy, but taste amazing! Before I knew it, using her plans and maintaining a steady workout regiment, I shed all the weight and then some! I’m 36 and now in better shape than I was at 26! I highly recommend working with Mitra and wouldn’t think twice about recommending anyone to her. She’s an incredible resource and an awesome person.”

Reza S.

“I recently purchased the Happy Bites Meal Plan and have to say it is exactly what I needed for my busy routine as an engineer, student and also foodie. It is packed with quick delish colorful dishes and the most important thing is they are all nutritious. Moreover, it’s mostly plant-based and covers options for me as a vegan. And fortunately most of the ingredients needed are already in my kitchen.”

Rizki A.

”Nutriholist’s recipes are not only quick and easy to prepare, but have also helped increase my energy levels throughout the day. Eating nutritious food has encouraged me to live a healthier life by engaging in more activities and trying to put more thought into nourishing my body and soul. This is the best investment a person can make for a lifetime! Thank you Mitra for inspiring me to walk this road.”

Maryam R.

“Thanks to Nutriholist I have lost weight, learned awesome and healthy recipes and feel super energized. The thing I love most about her recipes is that there are few ingredients and preparation is easy and quick, which is very important for a mother of two. Thanks again Mitra for guiding me towards a healthier life and a happier me.”

Roya A.

It’s time to TAKE CONTROL of your health



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