Golden Quinoa Porridge (V/GF)

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As we move toward the colder months of the year, my body asks for more and more warming dishes, especially in the morning for breakfast. The recipe I'm going to share with you today is one of my clients and my own favorites, not only because of its aromatic spices and the sweet delicious taste, but also [...]

Top 10 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes (V/GF)

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With Amercian Thanksgiving a few days away, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of some of my favorite healthy and delicious recipes that you and your guests would love. These recipes are perfect for people with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, Paleo) or those who just want to include more [...]

Almond Pulp “Bounty” Chocolate Bars (V/GF)

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After making another batch of almond milk last week I was trying to come up with a new and exciting way to use up the leftover pulp. I dread putting food to waste, so I often use the pulp in cookies, blondies, macaroons, or crackers, or freeze it for future use. This time I thought why not mix [...]

Raspberry Chia “Cheesecake” (V/GF)

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Did I seriously make my own birthday cake? The answer is YES and I'm going to tell you why! Ever since I got into nutrition and healthy cooking I've tried not to bring store-bought sweets into my home as much as possible. I'm not a health freak and I believe in the 80/20 rule, which [...]

4-Ingredient Red Velvet Pancakes with Creamy Cashew Cheese Sauce (V/GF)

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Nothing says weekend better than a tall stack of warm and fluffy pancakes. Are you with me on that? As much as I love to have pancakes every day, they do take quite some time to prepare, so they are usually a weekend affair at our place. I have been trying to simplify this process, however, [...]

Saffron Rosewater Chia Pudding with Warm Apple Compote

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My blender has been out for repair since last week, which means no smoothies, and lots of chia pudding for breakfast these past few days. After trying out my classic flavors, which are vanilla, chocolate, and matcha, I decided to play around and whip up with something fun and different. I thought to myself why [...]

Banana Bread Granola Bars

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These chocolate-covered banana bread granola bars came out of an experiment in the kitchen where I was trying to modify my original granola bar recipe by using bananas as the binding agent. They are "cakey-er" in texture (if that's a word lol) and taste like banana bread, but with bits and pieces of nuts and seeds inside. [...]

Salted Brownie “Cheesecake” Bites (V/GF)

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These raw, vegan and gluten-free Salted Brownie "Cheesecake" Bites have got to be one of the most delicious treats I've ever had. In fact, my husband said they're THE best thing I've ever made. They are so delicious, creamy and decadent that you want to eat the whole batch, but then again, they are very rich so it [...]

Chocolate Fudge Popsicles (V/NF)

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One of my most favorite treats to enjoy in the heat of summer is a popsicle. It brings back such great memories from my childhood and is such a fun yummy way to cool down. When I first purchased my popsicle molds I started freezing my everyday green smoothie leftovers and would snack on them when I [...]

Strawberry Rhubarb Cream Tart (V,GF)

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This yummy no-bake tart is one of my absolute favorite things to make during strawberry and rhubarb season. The filling is light and creamy with a cheesecake-like consistency without the use of any cream or dairy. The gluten-free crust provides a delightful texture and is super easy to make. No need for rolling the dough or baking [...]