Raw Homemade Granola (Rawnola)

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Today I want to share with you my raw and soaked granola recipe! Why soaked you ask? Well, soaking nuts, seeds, grains and legumes enhances the nutrient profile of these foods and helps reduce antinutrients such as enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that bind up minerals, preventing your body from fully absorbing them. Therefore, soaking improves digestion and makes the [...]

Blueberry Banana Chia Pudding (V,GF)

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This almond milk chia pudding layered with blueberries and topped off with bananas and coconut flakes is one of the most popular recipes on the blog, and for a reason! Yes, healthy food can and should taste THIS good! Just because something is good for you doesn't mean it has to taste bland, boring or completely gross! That what [...]