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Hi! I’m Mitra, a Holistic Nutritionist with a science background, who helps smart successful women become their absolute BEST–healthier and happier than they’ve ever been–and live the dream life they desire.

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A weekly plan with over 30 delicious, nutritious, quick & easy recipes for busy professionals with meal prep tips, grocery list & shopping guide

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Kickstart your health journey by joining our wonderful community for an extra dose of support, motivation & accountability

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Transform your health through a customized plan designed to meet your unique needs

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What People Are Saying

“I wanted to thank you for this amazing program! This was by far the best thing I have done for my body and mind in a few good years. The results I saw were absolutely amazing. I never thought getting healthy could be this much fun. I have been yo-yoing on diets that left me starving and weak and were therefore hard to stay committed to. But this whole program was just different, simple and pretty much effortless! I feel like I’m on a new path right now, all thanks to you!”

Tara R.

“Mitra has been an invaluable help for me in achieving my health goals when others could not. She is extremely knowledgeable and has provided me with tons of delicious recipes and suggestions based on our discussions. She also conducted a full assessment of my symptoms and reviewed my food journal to help me develop an appropriate meal plan. I can’t recommend Mitra’s consultations enough!

Thanks again so much!!”

Haley B.

“About 4 months ago I was the most overweight I had ever been and feeling pretty low. As a former competitive kickboxer, being in shape has always been important to me. Lacking the motivation to go the gym without a plan, I decided to reach out to Mitra and order her online meal plan. At first I thought it would be difficult to follow a regimented plan, but when I started looking at the delicious recipes and eating ideas she shared, it became clear to me that I could do this and have fun at the same time! Her recipes and suggestions are bang on and are not only super nutritious and healthy, but taste amazing! Before I knew it, using her plans and maintaining a steady workout regiment, I shed all the weight and then some! I’m 36 and now in better shape than I was at 26! I highly recommend working with Mitra and wouldn’t think twice about recommending anyone to her. She’s an incredible resource and an awesome person.”

Reza S.

“Thank you for the great program. As we were on the program I noticed how soft and smooth my skin has become. No more puffy eyes in the morning and my energy level was much higher. I shed 2-3 pounds and now that we are off the program I don’t crave any more of my favourite junk foods.  I’m still committed to my morning rituals and absolutely loving it and actually don’t dread waking up early in the mornings no more.“

Nicole M.

“I was trying to eat healthy and lose weight, but most of my diet plans failed and I was gaining weight because of the stress and lack of knowledge in this area. I fell in love with Nutriholist’s recipes. They were delicious, colourful, full of nutrients and easy to make. I learned a lot about which ingredients to use through her tips and fun educational comments. That’s why I decided to hire her as my nutritionist earlier last year.

Since working with Mitra, our eating habits have changed drastically. I do my grocery shopping with better understanding of what to buy and what to avoid. I have learned how to incorporate more vegetables and fruits in our daily diet, and as a result I’ve lost weight, I feel much healthier, my energy level has increased and I crave less sugary/unhealthy snacks. I encourage anyone who wants to pursue a healthier lifestyle to start working with Mitra and experience the change for themselves! “

Behnaz A.

“Thanks for a wonderful session, Mitra! You are a nutritionist with a passion and dedication that will empower many! I look forward to watching you blossom- and to hearing, learning and being inspired even more!”

Shelley U.

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At Nutriholist, we develop original healthy recipes for food and supplement companies, brands, restaurants, cafes, juice/smoothie bars, hotels, schools, media, etc.

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